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We have a customer care support
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We have a customer care support
team that works round the clock to
meet clients’ needs. Contact us at any
time with inquiries, requests, or

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The technicality of engineering courses leaves many students looking for help as they pursue their studies. While some of the need someone to write their engineering essays, others seek homework writing help. You can get online tutors to help with electrical, mechanical, aeronautical, civil, software, and telecommunication engineering tasks. As long as it concerns engineering, you will get one-stop assistance. We have writers in engineering dissertations, projects, assignments, and research papers at your disposal. Get custom academic writing services in any field and level of engineering; bachelors, masters, or doctoral..

Our custom writing services are designed to solve all the student’s needs. Therefore, we offer
help as per the client’s request. If you need a tutor for your classes, we get you a suitable one. If
you need help with your homework, our writers are always ready. You also get assistance with
your proposal, research paper, class project, or any other engineering assignment.

Our services are among the most affordable you will experience considering the quality of work
we deliver. We charge prices per page depending on the academic level, type of paper, number
of pages, and urgency of the order. We offer discounts to our clients, even those using our
services for the first time. We also have a progressive discount policy for clients who frequently
use our writing services.

If you are looking for a service provider with a flexible schedule, then look no further. We offer
services as per the customer’s request, any time of day or night. Therefore, as soon as you place
your order and we agree on payment, your paper will be done. That is why many students trust
us with their most urgent assignments. Our staff are always on standby to provide the necessary

Our writers work towards ensuring that they deliver the highest quality in every order. They follow all instructions and seek clarity to avoid unwanted confusions.  However, if you receive an order that does not match your expectations, we revise the work. Revisions are unlimited and free until they meet the intended standards. As soon as you realize there is a problem with your order, send it back to us for amends.

In the unlikely event that even after revisions the work delivered is not satisfactory, we refund the money paid. For other cases such as plagiarism or late submissions that affect your performance, we also make 100% refund. Some students also change their mind and request termination of the order early enough. These too get a full refund of their money. However, we do the best we can to ensure that we meet or even surpass client expectations.

Our writing services aim at helping students to improve their grades as well as equip them with more skills. While some students want papers that will get them straight A’s others want to score grade B. we can write a paper that earns you the best grade you want to attain. All you have to do is specify as you place your order. On a normal occasion, we provide services that guarantee excellent grades even without the customer requesting it.

With over 10 years in the writing industry, we have had several sets of return clients. Our aim is to ensure that students achieve their career goals with the help of our services. The customer reviews and testimonials can show you how much trust we have earned from our clients. We also use secure payment methods, an assurance that your credit card information is safe.

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By clicking the order now button, you are prompted to fill all information regarding your paper in the order form. Here, details such as academic level, number of pages, type of paper, and deadline are required. The information you provide helps us to determine how much to charge you for the paper. Ensure that you attach any relevant information regarding your assignment to facilitate quality delivery. We then send you the quotation for your order in your email.

Order Delivered

When your order is completed, it is uploaded to your account or you can receive it via email. A completed order is one that has been checked for plagiarism and any mistakes. Before it can be delivered to you, it is also checked by our quality control team to ensure it meets the standards. You can now download your paper and submit as instructed by your professor. If the order requires some amends, contact us as soon as possible to get a free revision or the best action.

Make the Payment

After getting your quote, you are required to make the necessary payments as soon as possible. It is only after the payment is processed that we can assign your order a writer. Therefore, the sooner you honor the payment, the earlier someone can start working on your paper. We ensure that we use secure and reputable payment methods to ease the payment process. We accept payment via PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa.

Order commences

We consider a deal closed as soon as the payments have been processed and confirmed. After that, we assign you the most competent writer for the job. You can keep track of the order and get frequent drafts if they are required. Being in constant communication with your writer ensures that you can make the necessary clarifications without wasting much time. You can upload more files that will necessitate the quality and originality of your paper. You can get help from our support team on how to do this..


Engineering Homework Helpers

Engineering homework helpers is an academic writing company designed to provide help to engineering students. We acknowledge the role that these professional play behind the scenes to ensure smooth operations across the globe. Therefore, we have invested in a pool of qualified and experienced engineering writers. They offer high-quality writing services in engineering homework, essays, research papers, dissertations, projects, and much more. Over the years, we have seen to it that engineering students complete their studies with better grades and skills. Our writing and tutoring skills come at affordable prices. We also adhere to the instructions, thus, producing quality, creative, and unique engineering papers. Therefore, if you are in any engineering course and you need help, do not hesitate to contact us.

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